DEC-3 Dust Extractor Cabinet

NEW PRODUCT: DEC-3 Dust Extractor Cabinet

Machine DEC-3 Dust Extractor Cabinet Blow off your tools before and after coating, integrated inside your coating area.

Do you also face the problem where to blow off your tools prior and after a coating cycle? How do you cool down big loads after coating?
Improving productivity as well as providing healthy living and working conditions are deep-seated in the mission of almost all companies. Ideally this job is carried out right beside your coating vessels, saving time and keeping up productivity.
But it also has to be an environmental friendly solution, with low running costs and down times.

All these demands are incorporated in the new cross-platform DEC-3 Dust Extractor Cabinet, independent from the PVD machine type and brand.
The collected coating dust is combined in water, means no filter exchange, nearly no running costs = environmental sustainable!

Customer advantages:

• CLEAN – No dirt / dust within the coating center
• FAST – Integrate into the coating or fixture area
• READY – Maintenance free, always on standby
• ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABLE – No waste / no filter exchange
• COMFORTABLE – Positive work environment, silent & dust-free
• QUICK – Cool down batches with active air speed of 20m/sec
• EFFICIENT – Very low running costs – just compressed air & electricity

Machine PD2i DEC-3


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