cutting tools

Cutting tools

PD2i offers experienced technical assistance to guide you in matching your application parameters to the best coating choice.

PD2i Cutting Tools Technology

One of the most common causes of coated tool failure and inconsistent performance, is lack of uniform coating thickness within the chamber and from cycle to cycle in the coating reactor. PD2i has addressed this issue with coating equipment, procedures and fixtures which will insure uniform coating thickness to standards rarely matched within the industry. The attention to thickness control is very important, especially with the trend for high performance tooling being manufactured to closer and closer tolerances. The stringent controls and efficient fixturing also optimizes the coating structure, whether it is Monolayer, Multilayer, Nanolayer, or Gradient layer.


PD2i has engineered, and continues to develop, High Performance Coatings which are very application specific. These coatings are successfully outperforming and replacing the broadly used general purpose coatings used to cover a wide range of applications.

The mechanical properties for coated cutting tools can be adjusted for different machining applications, not only regarding the type of operation and application, but also the cutting parameters and the coolant conditions.


PD2i research engineers consider the following properties when designing an application specific, High Performance Coating:

  • High Hardness for abrasive wear protection
  • Low friction for adhesion wear protection
  • Oxidation resistance for chemical wear
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Hot hardness for thermal resistance
  • Toughness for shock resistance
  • Smooth surface for chip removal
  • Nice appearance

PD2i Coating Composition: PD2i PVD coater utilizes up to 4 target materials.

PD2i Coating Structure: Monolayer, Multilayer, Gradient layer, Nanolayer


structure-cutting-2 structure-cutting-3 structure-cutting-4






PD2i Edge Preparation Machinessimple

Delivered with process parameters for:

  • Edge Rounding
  • Flute Polishing
  • Carbide Drill Honing
  • Carbide Insert Edge Preparation
  • Gear Generating Tools – Edge and Surface Preparations
  • Tap Deburring
  • Post Polishing Coated Tools for Lowering Friction and minimizing BUE (built up edge).