High Performance Coating Equipment


High Performance PVD Coating Equipment

Multipurpose PVD Coater for Hard and Tribological Coatings

All our equipment are modular systems which allow different technology configurations in relation to customers’ needs and future requirements.

Available Technology Configurations:

  • Arc
  • Sputtering
  • Hybrid Arc / Sputtering
  • Duplex PVD

Performance Benefits:

  • New: HPIES High Performances Ion Etching System
  • High Efficiency
  • Flexible
  • Low running costs
  • Easy to operate
  • Fast and Easy target exchange
  • Tight thickness tolerances +/-0,1 µm
  • Local support
  • Customized configuration
  • Coating process up to 4 different targets material

Wide Range Coating Portfolio:

Monolayers – Multilayers – Gradient layers – Nano layers – Nanocomposite – Duplex layers

Dedicated Coating Portfolio for: