Tooling Concepts Inc./ TCI PVD Coatings

One year of PVD in-house coatings with PD2i technologies!

Founding is company Tooling Concepts Inc. in 2009, concentrating on polishing and nitriding, Jerry Carpenter decided to increase his service portfolio by offering full service PVD in-house coatings.

In April 2015 he launched his own coating center and in June of 2016 the first PD2i technologies Duplex machine was making quality coatings.

The great success, a combination of Jerry’s experiences in cold / hot forming and die casting applications, the outstanding performance of PD2i’s DUPLEX coatings, outstanding die polish ability and very fast service lead TCI PVD Coatings to install a 2nd system only 4 months later!

DUPLEX coating is an insitu process of plasma nitriding prior to coating without interrupting the cycle. The great advantage of this system is its flexibility: 1 equipment – 2 surface treatments compared with short cycle times due to the combined process saving 1x heating and cooling phase each.

With the MpC 1000 Tooling Concepts is able to serve molds up to dia. 650 x 600 mm (25 ½ x 23 ½ inch) with a mass up to 1000 kg (2205 lb.) with a guaranteed lead times due to PD2i’s reliable technology.

Interested in more details regarding PD2i’s DUPLEX coatings? Call us or send us your request.

Big die coated with DUPLEX Form

450 lb. Muffler Die Forming 300 Series Stainless Steel Parts – coated with DUPLEX Form
Over 700,000 parts formed between stripping and recoating

Cold stamping DP 590 steel
1,300,000 parts before re-coating with Duplex Form

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